WEEK 62: (9th – 15th December 1918)

“He said it was Redmond’s speech at the outbreak of war that converted him to Sinn Féin. I spent the afternoon at the club, & brought Miss Hoyne home to tea. After tea I found Miss Doyle at the club with a lot of big printed paper badges for next day, which she had fetched from Dublin, & we cut this out & stuck pins in them, aided by Dr White, till a late hour. “

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WEEK 61: (27th – 8th December 1918)

“The evening was Fr O’ Flanagan’s big meeting; Brazil, who is the only man that ever thinks of getting women into the foreground, found that Miss Hoyne the organizer wd go in the waggonette, & introduced me to her, & we had a great evening. There was a noble procession, with torches, & we went around the quay to the hotel, Brazil in & out of the brake, regulating the volunteers when he was out, & waving a flag & whooping with a perfectly grave face when he was in.”

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