WEEK 133: (31st May – 6th June 1920)

“Maya & I went on to a labour meeting at Chalfont St. Peter about taxation, & I read a pamphlet on the proposed levy on capital while they were “committing.” Nora & Charlie missed their train to London & came back for the night. C. is delicate & still rundown from working too hard in France, & Maya thinks he is badly in want of looking after, but there’s no one to do it. Mr M. talks to him at length about motors – it seems a most absorbing subject.

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WEEK 127: (21st – 25th April 1920)

“I went to the Tech & worked at the Brooch of mine that Aunt H. gave Brenda, which needs a good deal of repair. In the evening B. and I went to the Coliseum, and saw a very funny sheriff’s-daughter story about fool & robbers, & a piece of a serial about a circus man whom a gang of scoundrels were trying to kill – he was good-looking – and a tiresome thing about Charlie Chaplin as a pawnbroker’s assistant – & a whole story called “Words & Music by” which was far the best of the evening. “

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