WEEK 65: (30th Dec – 4th January 1919)

“No news. D. seemed to have gone back again. There was a committee at the Club, & frightful revelations of the rioting & revelling & throwing bottles from the roof that went on during the election times. The caretaker is not a bit of good. Connolly as usual wanted to get all the women turned out of the Club. Miss Skeffington, Mrs Phelan, Mrs Gallagher & I were appointed [to] a committee to make rules about the girls. Miss S. spoke very well to about the behaviour of the men being worse than that of the girls; she feels very strongly about that.

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WEEK 57: (28th Oct – 3rd November 1918)

“Fr O’Flanagan pointed out that if you must vote for the Republican candidate whatever his minor sins; even if he disagrees with you in religion or social questions, he is the lesser of 2 evils. At 1…we formed up in the front garden of the Mansion house & marched round Grafton St into College Green & gathered under Grattan’s statue. I was between Mrs S S and Countess Plunkett, & Mrs Pearse was somewhere near. Fr O’F. was the only speaker, he had a good powerful voice for open air speaking. Three peelers tried to get through at one point, but we shoved them back and they retired.”

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WEEK 17: (21st – 27th January 1918)

“Cathal Brugha came in off the 9.30 train & I was late for my class because I stayed listening to him. He is small & very dry & wan looking, & lame, with a rather long moustache. He told a lot about the Convention, & Middleton’s & Redmond’s efforts to fix up a scheme without full control of the customs, & the great danger there is of a majority of the country accepting whatever scheme the Convention does agree on. Then he sat down to a tea with horrid looking black kidneys on toast, & I went away.”

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