WEEK 58: (5th – 10th November 1918)

“Mrs P. told me she was going to join a league that is being got up to pray for England, & wd I join it? Lane has by no means got to the point of praying for England, & spoke with feeling on the matter. I explained that I didn’t believe in hell, & so didn’t feel the case of the English people so pitiable, as to require us to pray for them, & Mrs P. was much amused.”

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WEEK 38: (18th – 23rd June 1918)

width=“There was a very good procession after I got home, in honour of the Cavan victory, men & women & boys & banners, marching very well, & torch lights, and when I was going to Miss Timmons at 10.30, there was speechmaking going on at the top of the hill. I went up to it & met Miss Timmons on the way, with Dr White’s two sisters, Bessie & Rose, very good-looking dark girls, with a black dog.”

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