WEEK 3: (15th – 21st October 1917)

I went to the S. F. committee in the evening, and they went over all the branch resolutions in the Convention agenda & instructed us to vote for or against each, or as we liked. There was only one that we were told to vote against; adherence to the policy as expounded by A. G. Séan Matthews was very determined against that, thinking it repudiated the use of arms altogether”.

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Rosamond Jacob’s account of the Easter Rising: (25th April – 16th June 1916)

“The front of the Imperial Hotel is left but nothing whatever behind it. The post office especially was an appalling sight, heaps of stones inside and long crooked pieces of burnt metal and huge empty window holes and piles of stones and rubbish along the pavement before it. There were great crowds looking at it. Henry St is destroyed too, and Abbey St, and most of the streets leading out of Lower O’Connell St.”

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