WEEK 104: (3rd – 9th November 1919)

“I know Hanna used to talk interestingly while I was eating my breakfast these mornings but I can’t remember it unless it was about the American beauty parlours & the money they spend on it etc. It rained this day & i went to the Pelman place in Dawson St in the afternoon & got their 1st book & visited Lasairfhiona in her new office in Molesworth St, & then went to see the Stephenses again. “

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WEEK 16: (14th – 20th January 1918)

“I went to Suirview early to hear Aunt Maggie’s account of Maritana. She was delighted with it, but greatly disgusted at the way the Marchioness is jeered at & regarded as an object of horror for being old & wrinkled. As she said, women who are not young are supposed to have no feelings. She spoke extremely sensibly about the different way the sexes are treated in this respect, considering she married a man 34 years her senior.”

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WEEK 11: (10th – 16th December 1917)

They gave me some instructions about the stalls, Women Delegates’ vegetable stall & the shirts etc. Mrs Ginnell was in the W.D. stall first next door to the shirts – & then Miss Barton, whom I like better. There was a big dolls’ house on the counter, made & furnished by Grace Plunkett, & this was a great attraction; every day I was there my principal work was opening the front of it for people to look in.”

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